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Stall Plates

Stall Plates

Show your pride in your favorite equine, or just spruce up their space with a solid wood, hand-coated stall plate complete with a photo!


The process is simple - Choose your font and graphical embellishment (the lines above and below the name of your horse) and then send us a photo of your four-legged friend and we'll get started making your custom plate. 


If you're interested, check the sections below for information on how we make these plates custom for you!

  • How to order a plate

    Once you've clicked on the order button, the first step is to enter your equine's name exactly as you'd like it spelled on the plate. Please double-check it - we won't assume a horse or donkey's name has been misspelled because we don't judge how you named your friend!

    Next, choose the font you'd like. Click through our photo gallery to see an example of the five fonts we use. We try to keep it simple and rustic for these plates (but we may expand in the future!). 

    Then, in the product ordering section, choose between our different graphical embellishments. These are the lines that appear above and below your animal's name (or choose no graphics at all if you'd like). 

    Finally, we'll need a photo of your equine. Our online store currently won't accept an uploaded image as part of an order. That's okay, we're easy going here! 

    Send your best photo to and make sure you mention your horse's name (or if you've already placed an order, your order number) in the email so we can match it. Heck, send us one if you're even thinking about ordering a plate and we'll get in touch!

    A few tips:

    • The higher resolution, the better
    • Horses don't pose often, but if you can find one where the background is a contrasting color, you'll get better results
    • The more light, the better - software can only work so much magic on a photo you took at midnight!

    We'll edit the background out of the photo so you get a nice clean look like our example products shown above. 

  • How Our Stall Plates Are Made

    Once we have your info including a photo of your horse, we get to work.

    On the digital side, we carefully remove the background of the image. Sometimes a tool makes this one click, but often we have to do this manually. This is important to make sure the image is clean looking. 

    The photo is then adjusted to be ready for laser engraving - a black and white photo with high contrast and other special preparation is what we end up with. 

    We take your photo, font, and graphic choices and make an engraving file, which we will send back to you for your approval. It's very important to us that you know - and approve of - how the final product will look!

    Once you've approved that file, we get to work. The plate is carefully sanded and put into our engraver. When engraving is complete, we clean the plate of any ashes or remaining sawdust. 

    If you opted for a coating, your plate receives 3 coats of spar urethane on the front and the back. This takes time - each coat is hand-applied (not sprayed on) and carefully sanded with steel wool between coats. A plate may live in a barn but that doesn't mean it won't look great! Be patient as we ensure that your plate(s) looks its absolute best!

    Once it's done, we'll get it to you. If you live in the Larimer County, Colorado area, we'll hand-deliver to you in many cases (if you want us to!), but if not, we're happy to ship it to you. 

    From there, you are free to hang it however you want! We don't include fasteners because the number of ways people may want to hang these are too many for us to include. If you think we should include a few defaults as options, please let us know

  • Warranty and Product Care

    We'll warrant that these stall plates will make it to you in good shape and looking great, but beyond that, a warranty is not possible. We use spar urethane for the best reasonable protection against water and UV damage, but we can't predict factors such as:

    • Constant sun exposure
    • Excessive water 
    • Horse cribbing
    • Damage from being mounted

    We'll be happy to replace or refund anything that shows up to you damaged, destroyed, or incorrectly made.

    Our best advice to maximize the life of the plate is to install it inside the barn or in an area where it gets protected from the weather. This urethane is made for boats so it's tough, but if you need something even tougher, Stage 47 Crafts will be offering metal plates as well in the near future. 

PriceFrom $20.00
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