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Custom Tile Coasters

Custom Tile Coasters

Simple and clean looking, these white tile coasters are waiting for your photos, logos, or artwork to make them pop! 



Made with an ancient laser engraving recipe from medieval times (or with modern technology and materials, you decide which is true!), these 4" white ceramic tiles go from basic to beautiful when you provide us with something to etch on to them. 


  • Care and Durability

    A reasonable question we get about these tiles is "how long will they last?". In any reasonable use scenario, the answer is going to be "A darn long time!"


    The black coating is actually made from titanium dioxide, and in our testing it resists scratching better than the tile itself, so you don't have to worry about flaking it off setting your drinks down. We've also run it through the dishwasher and subjected it to harsh chemicals such as bleach without fading. 


    This doesn't mean it's invincible, though. It will shatter like any other ceramic if you drop it on a hard surface. Also, please *do not* run these through your dishwasher - not because of the engraved surface, but because the cork feet can come un-glued! 


    We recommend simple hand washing to keep the surface clean and beyond that, these should last a very long time for you. 

  • Pricing Information

    Price List (see below for explanations, shipping is added at checkout):

    • Tile coaster w/no image editing - $6/coaster
    • Tile coaster w/minimal editing - $10/coaster
    • Tile coaster w/photo editing or additional graphicals elements - $15/coaster
    • ALL duplicates - $5/coaster 


    Prices depend on the amount of custom prep work we have to do.


    If you send us something clean and simple in .png format with a transparent background, we can quickly turn around your tile coasters at our lowest price, $6/coaster.


    Photographs require more time to get them prepped for a crisp engraving. For any photograph you send, the price is $10/coaster.


    If you need more time-consuming work such as background removal, or custom artwork (please see the photograph of "KODI" for an example), the price will be $15/coaster. 


    All duplicates are $5/coaster whether ordered now or later. Stage 47 Crafts retains the files we send to the laser engraver in an encrypted cloud service. Whether you want 15 duplicates now for a big party or you drop your favorite one on a hard surface (our coasters are scratch resistant but they can only take so much!) we'll be able to get a new one to you quickly!



  • How to Order

    So you decided to order some of our nice, clean-looking custom tile coasters? That's great!

    As mentioned in our "stall plates" section, our online ordering system currently does not let customers attach a file to an order. That's okay, we're flexible and in any case, we like having some personal contact with our customers to make sure we know what you're looking for!

    1. Review our Pricing Information section and decide which coaster you'll be ordering. 
    2. Place your order from this page.
    3. Find the image(s) you want to engrave and send it/them to It's easiest if you do this from the email address you used to order, and if possible please include your order number.
    4. If you ordered multiple different coasters, and especially if you wanted different amounts of different images (for example, 3 tiles with your cat and 2 pictures of your garden) please be clear in your email. 
    5. Within 24 hours we'll contact you and send you a clear description of your order along with images that represent how the etched tiles will look. 
    6. Once we have your approval, we'll create the tiles and ship them to you!

    Some tips for your images:

    • If it's a logo or other simple artwork, please try to send it in .png format and with either a transparent or white background. 
    • Don't worry about editing photos; we do that work on our end!
    • If you ordered something with custom editing (like a background removal on a picture of a child or pet) please be clear with us regarding what you'd like. This helps us be as quick as possible in getting it right for you!

    Lastly, if there is something truly custom you would like designed from scratch, like a logo for a family reuinion or non-coaster-tiles that you want to install as a backsplash, reach out to and we'll set up a time to talk about it. Don't be shy, we'd love to be part of something special for you or your family!

PriceFrom $5.00
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