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Please have a look around. As our business ramps up, expect our selection to grow!

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A growing array of products

It's 2024 and Stage 47 Crafts is only a few months old, and we'll admit that the virtual store shelves are a little bare. 

If you've poked around the internet, you might wonder why we don't offer the same array of products as other laser engraving services. Ultimately this is because - as a new business - we don't want to overextend ourselves and offer products you won't be happy with. When a customer purchases something from Stage 47 Crafts, we like to imagine it sitting happily on a shelf, display case, Christmas tree, or living in a barn for years. 

Expect the selection to grow throughout 2024. If you have a suggestion for something we should make, please use the "Contact Us" form and help us do "market research" the old-fashioned way, by talking to real people!

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