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Artist Spotlight - A. Caple

Stage 47 Crafts is proud to partner with artist A. Caple for a line of signature products coming soon to our website! 

Caple's love of the wilderness has led her to spend countless hours exploring our national parks and backcountry.


A different look at the Rockies

Caple's skill as an artist lets her express her experiences through custom artwork often depicting animal skulls or skeletons. Any Colorado hiker has stories of finding these (sometimes haunting) items throughout the plains and mountains, and Caple's artwork conveys the mystery these skeletal finds create in the mind of any outdoor explorer. 

Ram Skull 1.jpg
Bear skull 1.jpg

Unique perspectives

Not all of Caple's artwork is of skulls, of course. But the striking lines and the subjects of these pieces are very different from the usual drawings and paintings created by Colorado artists.


They point out that it's worth considering that all the vibrant life we see in our state has a natural cycle that does eventually end.


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