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Stage 47 specializes in low-volume custom engraving projects (with the occasional 3D printed item thrown in!). We're not a big CNC shop or an industrial engraver. Think of us as a combination of a little tech, a little handcrafting know-how, and a lot of your input. 

From cutting boards to bar signs to stall panels for your horse, look to Stage 47 to help you bring your ideas to life.


  • Want to etch your design on a pint glass for a one-of-a-kind gift? Get in touch!

  • Thinking about custom coasters for your business as gifts for a client? Let us know!

  • Stall plates for your equine buddies? We'll make something unique!

From laser-cut wooden boxes to etched tile projects, we're here to help you think of custom gifts and treasures. We can also help you design the right logo or symbol for your project or event, giving you the personal touch when you create signs, business cards, and other items for your workshop, family reunion, or small business. 


An example of custom-designed graphics for a fictional "Milton Family Reuinion". It is a tree with hearts on it encircled by the phrase "The Milton Family 2023 Reunion"


An example of a metallic business card where the letters have been engraved through blue plastic.


A white tile with an artist's drawing of an animal skull etched onto it.
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